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Seadrill is a deepwater drilling contractor for the petroleum industry. It is incorporated in Bermuda for tax purposes and managed from London And Houston The company operates semi-submersible platforms, jackup rigs and drillships.

A former employee mentioned, "Seadrill is one of if not the worst company I've ever worked for. The money is great and most of the people who work on the rigs and make a few people rich are cool if that's what you are about. I'm speaking mainly of HR who in my experience are the most uncaring unfeeling and robotic people I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. This is just my opinion but if you enjoy being used and thrown away like trash then dug out the garbage and used again for a short time and then discarded without notice then by all means work at Seadrill."


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Former Employee - ERO says

"Having a brain that functions will get you NOWHERE within this outfit. Work on packing hammers and bottle spitting to get ahead."

Former Employee - Floorhand says

"Everything it is By far the absolute worst company I have ever wasted my life at Really wish this would let me give it 0 stars if not a negative rating"

Former Employee - Assistant Driller says

"To many clicks and office management is beyond horrible. It's all about the good boy system among friends. People get promoted that aren't fit for the job if you're in good with the bosses. No loyalty at all. They don't even follow their core values. Joke of a company. They'll lay you off quick in a heart beat no matter how much time you spent with me. I was with them 10 years. They basically threw all their money away with all the training they sent me to. Go to the competitors"


"They have not clear direction."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"no clear path for career advancement, ran on nepotism, employees are just a #, don't use internal employee systems i.e. appraisal system when making layoff decisions"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"No loyalty when times were tough. Filled all positions with the faces that fit rather than the best people for the jobs. Anything to save money. This will cost them dearly in the long run."

Former Employee - Floorhand says

"Low pay to many green crew"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The company is currently going through a bankruptcy case in the US, redundancies, benefits cut, pay rises cancelled, no chance of promotion and all we get from management is that 2018 is going to be even worse than 2017 why anyone stays with this company is a mystery. I have never worked in an environment where staff are so demotivated to that extent staff are either leaving in droves or desperately looking for a new role outside of Seadrill. in summary there is no merit to working at Seadrill stay away"

Former Employee - Manager says

"Witnessed and experienced shocking treatment of staff, contractors and suppliers on RAMP programme. Very poor Programme leadership and extreme unprofessional behaviour resulting in a very high-turnover of people. Unhealthy blame culture, daily political games, back-stabbing and bullying seems to be acceptable here. For example, shows of unprofessional behaviour towards individuals in an open office in-front of other employees. HR and leadership have received many complaints and have seen many people leave suddenly but seem to take no action and let it continue. This company is in trouble, it may not survive and it shows as its lost all control."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Senior Management and their subordinates were lacking in professionalism, integrity, ethics and competence."

Supply Chain Director (Former Employee) says

"Poor nonexistent cost management. No vision. No trust in employees disposable. Need to remove whole C suite and start from scratch. Bad model to centralise in US"

Administrator (Former Employee) says

"I used to work for Seadrill, the management a really slow-minded and biases, so many office politics in the office and those with a good performance not been paid well but those flatter lazy and dumb are most successful if you have those categories do apply for job at Seadrill. The HR manager a so pathetic. Good Luck"

Roustabout (Former Employee) says

"I was injured on the west Aquarius on March 2nd on the 7th no lost time injury days. I was hired thru sea drill on indeed but was quickly turned over to pugselivich as a third party hire I wondered why this is why. I got injured in a malfunction elevator and was injured sent home the next day and not requested back and then sea drill didn't report the injury to workers compinsation or pulesivich so this is why they send you to puglesetch so they can keep there 700 day no injury their good safety record is shamSweep injuries under the rug"

Senior Electrician (Current Employee) says

"It's a bad time for Seadrill. Looks like Bankruptcy is inevitable at this point. Can not wait for the uncertain future to clear up. Do not look for security in this company."

Professional Office based (Former Employee) says

"Old School, beware, ask what the voluntary and involuntary employee churn rate is. If given an answer below 32%, be cautious. Ask how many employees are under career development. They do not pay a bonus or performance incentive. Be very careful. Be prepared for a fairly confrontational environment."

Roughneck (Former Employee) says

"Not a good place to work laying off people on December 20th like really I say stay clear if you can . Get the job done at any cost but if u hurt yourself is your falt"

Roustabout (Former Employee) says

"One of if not the worst companies I've ever worked for. The money is great and most of the people who work on the rigs and make a few people rich are cool if that's what you are about. I'm speaking mainly of HR who in my experience are the most uncaring unfeeling and robotic people I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. This is just my opinion but if you enjoy being used and thrown away like trash then dug out the garbage can used again for a short time and then discarded without notice then by all means work there.MoneyEverything else"

Rig Administrative (Former Employee) says

"good place to work with colleagues. I learned many things that today I use in my day-day life how to talk to clients and colleagues i have a good communication between with the management the hardest part of the job and when colleagues want to go to their home even if we do not get bored during the weekend helicopter when you know everything is going well father the job is doneGoodGood"

Roustabout (Former Employee) says

"Was laid off without a severance package like the policies of the company stated. I learned how to work offshore with the company became a very strong employee stacked the West Sirius and was moved to the West Capricorn where I worked eight months and was laid off due to Seadrill not caring what happens to employees.Free food thats itno movement within company. Company don't treat employees fairly across the globe"

Technical Support & Senior Subsea Supervisors (Former Employee) says

"So who is left offshore? Well if your Dad's not the rig manager or you're not someone's son, then you're out of a job. The culture right now offshore is everyone is afraid of losing their jobs, and the ones that made the cut are on edge. This industry will make big mistakes in the next year as the rig count comes back up and the guys they kept all cover for each other. I would suspect that another big oil spill happens somewhere in the world."

Marinheiro de Máquinas (Former Employee) says

"Empresa dá oportunidades para treineer vindos de outras empresas, da oportunidade de crescimento para pessoas que puxam o saco, não valoriza o verdadeiro profissional, não vê o profissional como profissional.Refeição na empresaFalta de uma política pró profissional ( subalternos )"

Roustabout (Current Employee) says

"Great Company poor work place environment. it was an learning experience for me."

Support corporate management (Current Employee) says

"this job did not turn out what i was told and then the man that had me move left the companypay was okworking overseas"

Roughneck/Roustabout/Safety Officer (Former Employee) says

"Offshore management was great, but onshore support could have used improvement. There was an admin who refused to do work that should have been assigned to him so it was pawned off on the HSE officers which significantly cut into my ability to be present for jobs being carried outentry level position to gain experiencePoor delegation of duties"

Roustabout - Job (Former Employee) says

"I am from a big city and not from the backwoods, like most of the people on the rig I was assinged to. Racisism is rediculous out thier, both ways. I hope you are obsessed with football if you try to work thier 'cause thats all they talk about, that and gambling. I have a family and dont have time for kissing a** and football, and I dont gamble with my kids money. Needless to say they got rid of me as soon as they found that out. Absolutly NO job security. They talk a big game during the interview, but at the end of the day they don't care if you starve or lose everything you have. If you have a good job be thankful, because they will black list you from the industry. I'm screwed. Oh yea and they don't have patience to train anybody that hasn't grown up in the industry, if they need to learn new terminology, they had better study for, paid insurance and traveleverything else"

HR Administrator (Current Employee) says

"I have enjoyed working in this company for a little over a year but find it to be a dead end for someone with ambitions of working as a generalist/advisorfree lunches tuesday and thursdayNot very structured, very little transparency or clear progression routes"

ASSISTANT DRILLER (Former Employee) says

"The people are fine about the same anywhere, but the corporate end of the company has a hard time closing the deal with contracts. Need to be better at listening to the hands and not try and run the rigs from the office."

Engine Room Operator (Current Employee) says

"The next set of cut backs is dropping staff numbers once again. there are good hard working men with vast experience been let go for not other reason than cutting costs for the asset.this in my opinion will only harm seadrill and there vessels in the long term due to lack of maintenance and the staff not been able to do the required maintenance correctly.workbeen paid off."

Material Admin. (Former Employee) says

"Rig Stores set-up, New software IFS for inventory Team management with cooperation."

Operations Preparations Electrician (Former Employee) says

"personal opinion not open for review, asking for this type of information then indicating it is anonymous,, really!,, only the naive and gullible will believe this kind of statement for any type of information gathering. Nothing recorded in this digital age is ever "anonymous"."